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“The mission of the Faith Formation program at St. Francis of Assisi Church is first to help parents to fulfill the promises they made at their children´s baptism by being the primary and best catechists in their children´s lives. We further serve all who seek to deepen their relationship with and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the teachings of his church.”


Baptism is a beautiful time to welcome individuals into the Catholic faith. This gateway sacrament is so foundational that some may even feel it is their “right” to receive.  With this right is a great obligation. In fact, it is the duty of our priests to ensure that those who ask for sacraments are adequately prepared. This puts a particular responsibility on the parents as they act on behalf of their children who are too young to request for himself.

Too often the spiritual importance of baptism is lost and parents may desire baptism for cultural or obligatory reasons. Baptism classes at the parish provide parents with the opportunity to dive into learning about the truths of the Catholic Church, learning about the sacramental graces available through baptism, and learning about the responsibilities parents are undertaking on behalf of their children.
If you are interested in learning more about baptism in the Catholic faith, then please register for our baptism classes by calling the parish office at 770-382-4549.  We are looking forward to sharing more with you!

Baptism requirements download

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Please contact Amy Toft for questions about registering for our 2017-2018 school year.
Amy Toft
Faith Formation Director
770-382-4549 ext 20 or

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2017-2018 Pre-k-2 Calendar link

2017-2018 3-7 Calendar link

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These early years are so important, as the foundation is being built for the child’s future faith life. Joining together with their peers, the children will be immersed in their Catholic faith through an interactive curriculum which introduces them to the essential faith concepts and God’s mighty love. Lessons are presented through stories, music, games, activities and crafts.

Grades 1 and 2

These two years are required by the Diocese of Atlanta as part of the preparation for First Reconciliation and First Eucharist.  At this link, you can find more information for parents preparing their children for the sacraments.

The nurturing of a child’s faith takes place within the family.  As the parents are the primary faith educator, during these early sacramental years, it is our goal to enhance the child’s learning by introducing the children to traditional Catholic prayer and worship. These years help to build the foundation which will allow the children to embrace and grow in the love of God, as they journey toward receiving the sacraments in second grade. We encourage you to attend Mass with your child and allow them to see your participation in the sacraments as much as possible.

Grades 3, 4 and 5

During the later elementary grades, your child will be taught how to build upon their Catholic faith and you, as the parent/guardian, are a partner in this process. Your child will learn how we worship and how we can live our beliefs in everyday life. We will build upon prayer and emphasize the Ten Commandments, Sacraments, and the Stations of the Cross. Each chapter of your child’s Faith First book has features that direct learning, develop religious literacy, reinforce content, and encourage integration of faith and life. We encourage you to aid in this process by praying as a family at home, attending Mass and Faith Formation classes.

Book series: “Finding God”, Loyola Press. A Jesuit Ministry

Middle School & High School Programs

Our youth program provides a safe, fun place for our teens to find Catholic community, find answer to difficult questions and, most importantly, experience Jesus in a relational way. Each class we spend time together in prayer before our Lord in Adoration, reminding ourselves it is Christ who comes first in all things. Then, we break into class sessions and group discussions covering topics such as morality, scripture, Catholic tradition and Christian service.

It is our goal that our Eucharist-centered program will strengthens our teen’s Catholic identity, while rooting them firmly in Christ and His Church.

Confirmation Preparation

Our Confirmation preparation program is three consecutive years. The first year, also called the Foundational Year, typically begins in 8th grade and marks the start of this journey for our teens. In addition to their class time, teens have the opportunity to serve their communities, family and parish through various projects and programs.

The Second Year, or Preparatory Year, invites the teen to go deeper in their sacramental preparation and relationship with Christ. Typically completed during the teens 9th grade of school, this is the year that a Confirmation sponsor and saint is chosen in addition to the requirements outlined during the Foundational Year.

Finally, the Third Year, or Confirmed Year, the student takes an in-depth look at Catholicism and what the Holy Spirit has in store for them through this sacrament. Students go through the Decision Point program with several goals in mind:
1. To prepare for Confirmation by presenting the genius of Catholicism in a compelling way
2. To demonstrate the relevance of Catholicism in every aspect of life
3. To develop a personal relationship with Jesus
4. To learn that no matter what happens, we should always give God and the Church a central place in our lives

For a complete outline of our 3 year Confirmation program, please see the Confirmation Guidebook link below:

Confirmation Guidebook

Photos of Youth Activities:

Faith Formation Gallery


The success of our programs is possible only because of volunteers.
Share your time and talents with us! Here are just a few area where volunteer opportunities are available:

  • Teaching and Assisting
  • Substitute Teaching
  • Youth Group Core Team and Logistics Support Volunteers
  • Children’s liturgical parties
  • Christmas Pageant Coordinator
  • Cleaning Crew
  • and so much more….!

If interested, please contact Amy Toft, Director of Faith Formation, at
Or 770-382-4549 xt20

All adults (18 or over) are required to attend Protecting God’s Children Workshop and complete all Diocesan legal requirements. High school volunteers are required to complete the Volunteer Profile form.

Forms for Minors:

These forms are to be filled out each year for ages 14-17. Both forms need to be filled out and signed prior to turning in to our Faith Formation Department.

Volunteer Application-Minors

School Reference Form-Minors




Our Guardian Angels Program welcomes children with special needs, along with their parents, to grow in deeper love and faith for Christ. This catechesis program welcomes children of every ability ages 6 and older to grow in fellowship and catechesis. Through an emphasizes on peer mentoring with our high school youth volunteers along with our trained adult facilitators, our special needs children are embraced with love and individualized attention. We strive to educate by living and preaching the Gospel message. Parents are also ministered to during this time as they meet separately for faith study, fellowship and support.

We strongly encourage and welcome families with special needs members to attend weekly mass with us. Please introduce yourself to Fr Juan, Amy Toft, or a Mass Captain if we don’t introduce ourselves first!

For more information about registration or this program, please contact
Kristy Mitchell
Guardian Angels Program Coordinator

2017-2018 Guardian Angels registration forms

Guardian Angels photos.

Guardian Angel’s calendar download

“Let the Spirit of Light Dance in your darkness”

We have three wonderful websites where you can gather more helpful information and tips.

1. Inclusion in Worship Tools to welcome worshipers of all abilities.

2. National Catholic Partnership on Disability.

3. Pinterest. Guardian Angels Board



Do you…

have an interest in becoming Catholic or know someone who would like to become Catholic?

Were you…

baptized Catholic as a child, but have not celebrated the Sacraments of Confirmation and Eucharist?

We welcome you to join us and take the opportunity to come together in a small group to learn more about our Catholic faith. Each session will focus on the teachings, traditions and experiences of the Church in order to prepare you to celebrate Baptism, Confirmation and Holy Eucharist during the Easter season. Sessions for the year have begun but we strongly encourage you to join us. During this time, you will be welcome to participate in the process with your questions, your insights and your faith story in a warm, accepting environment. Please contact Amy Toft for more information about joining us for RCIA.
Amy Toft
Faith Formation Director
770-382-4549 ext 20 or


For more information please contact
Amy Toft: Director of Faith Formation at 770-382-4549 ext. 20 or e-mail
Amparo Paniagua: Faith Formation at 770-382-4549 ext. 16 or e-mail
Michael Pabst: Youth Minister at 770-382-4549 ext. 17 or e-mail

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